'St Albans' has been a real labour of love for me and the team.   I viewed the house in April 2016, long before I was ready to take on such a project.  It went off the market and then came back on, just at the right time, still in a poor state and desperately in need of some TLC!  It was purchased by one of my Investors and works kicked off in October 2017.  It's as though it was my destiny to realise the potential of this tired old house.

We've enountered all manner of unforseen issues, such as needing to organise replacement of the mains water feed, emptying two lofts full of the previous occupant's belongings, years of staining on walls and ceilings bleeding through fresh plaster and paint, wide-but-short casings - impossible to find fire doors for, and plenty more where they came from!

In four months from start to finish and filled before we finished, St Albans Road opened its front door to four happy individuals on 1st February 2018, who consider themselves extremely lucky to call this magnificent place 'home'.  This is a high yeilding HMO property, sourced renovated,  filled and managed by Lancashire Hill.   Get in touch if you're considering a simlar project for your own portfolio, or you'd like us to find and build one for you.