Our objective is to create the kind of co-living spaces in Blackpool that we would want to live in ourselves.  Its been said on more than one occasion that our places are nicer than our own houses and its no joke.  We design gorgeous houses with beautiful rooms and combine them with an outstanding service.  You are more than just a tenant, you're our client and thats how you are treated.  We work hard to bring you into the business and we intend to keep you, for as long as possible.  Can you imagine a Landlord who doesn't begrudge you their time and energy and who actually wants you living in their house? How about one gives consideration to suggestions you have about how to make your home as comfortable as possible?  Or one that is super picky about new housemates to make sure they will fit in with the current crew?  Welcome to a new generation of Landlord.  Welcome to Lancashire Hill living. 

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At Lancashire Hill, we pride ourselves in providing you with both a beautiful home and an exceptional customer service experience. Its a bit like living full-time in Serviced Accommodation, only without the expense.
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If what we offer is of interest to you, if you'd like to live in a stunning home with really great people, if you long for a fantastic Landlord who actually listens to what you need and takes care of everything pronto then check out our spaces to see the rooms we currently have available.  If you fancy booking a viewing or just want to have an informal chat with us, fill in the contact form or  call us, as we'd love to hear from you.  We do operate an application process but that's way down the line after you have chosen your house and your space, and its really just to make sure that we get the right people on board so that everyone is happy and wants to stay for a long, long time.

Like many traditional house shares, all your bills are included.  Its nothing new, we know that.   Yes, there's Satellite TV and super-fast broadband and a lovely cleaner to ensure your shared areas remain the sort of place you want to hang out.  If you do want us to take care of your personal space, this can be arranged.  In addition to comfortable and stylish hangout areas, your own room is furnished to a high standard, but with plenty of scope for you to make it your own. This means that you can put your energy into enjoying life, relaxing with friends and growing your career.  Our kitchens are simple, clean and elegant and are designed to provide heaps of cupboard space.  The bath and shower rooms feature an abundance of essential storage and include a heated towel rail and generous mirrors.  

Although my stay at Nicola’s property was short-lived, she was extremely friendly, easy going and even more accommodating to my short notice. I would highly recommend her when looking for property in the Blackpool area.
— Matt Y - Wirral. Nov 2018.